powerful and fast application to display, edit and sort images
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(C) 2015-2020

This software allows you to choose a source folder, which should contain a bunch of unsorted images. Then you select a target folder, which schould contain subfolders to sort your images.

This software has the following features:

  • automatic border cropping of images
  • cutting images
  • rotating images
  • mirroring images
  • edit images (with ms-paint)
  • show image informations
  • show EXIF data from images
  • compare images (with the same name)
  • optional single instance mode (default on)
  • optional registering in windows to open images with ImageSorter (right click -> open with...) -> file association
  • variable window size
  • zoom modes (and manual zoom via mouse scrolling)
  • change history with the possibility to undo changes (only for moving images - not for rotating, cutting, deleting...)
  • duplicate images
  • dark/light background
  • manual cutting picture borders from 1px to 10 px separated for each border (top, bottom, left, right)
  • working with hotkeys
    • DEL - deletes image
    • LEFT or DOWN - previous image
    • RIGHT or UP - next image
    • F2 - cut image
    • F3 - edit image
    • F4 - open file location in file explorer
    • F5 - show image informations
    • F6 - show EXIF informations
    • BACKSPACE - undo last change

Download of built executables: kmpr.at