Python script to find similar images
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Find Duplicate and Similar Images

Finds duplicates and similar images in a defined path. Set the image to search for similar images or the path for finding duplicates in hash_size of 8 means, the image will be resized to an 8x8 matrix. So, if you want to improve performance, you can try to increase the hash_size.

Install Requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt



Available Functions

  • find_duplicates (Finding and Deleting Duplicates)
    • options:
      • verbose (True-default/False) - Show messages (verbose=False automatically deletes duplicates!)
      • exportCSV (True/False-default) - exports all possible duplicates into duplicates.csv file
      • exportAPI (True-default/False) - exports all possible duplicates to an API (
  • find_similar (Finding Similar Images to a corresponding Image)


With this Cronjob example the script runs every Saturday (starting at 7:35) and finds any duplicates as specified.

35 7 * * Sat /usr/bin/python3 /opt/similarimages/Duplicate-Remover-master/ > /dev/null


  • based on the initial idea of cw-somil
  • modifed on PR of chirag-jn